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Microsoft Windows XP Risks

Security is one of the most challenging problems facing Microsoft Windows XP today. As hackers are confident that Microsoft will no longer handle security flaws, they work with enthusiasm to find a loophole. Hackers know that security system is lax for Windows 7 or 8, as it is for XP. Therefore, before the experts find solutions for issues confronting Windows 7 and 8, hackers have the chance to pursue XP for loopholes.

Hackers have turned more technically adept in their operations. Unlike earlier days, when systems were hacked for pride, financial gain has become the motive today. Thus, the risk is greater than when Microsoft retired past systems such as Windows 95 and 98.

Microsoft XP also faces many performance issues. XP does not support new printers or scanners. New processors with higher memory may also not work on XP. In fact, Windows XP does not support features that are common with newer operating systems, which include energy-saving measures for laptops.

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