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Our Vision is to be a service-oriented, customer-centric IT Outsourcing Company.

Voted as one of the Best Singapore IT Outsourcing and Support Company

TYPENT Pte Ltd offers facilities in software management, networking support and systems integration. They also specialize in customer-centre support services and enterprise IT support and outsourcing.

We are a service-driven organisation, offering remote IT management services and outsourced business IT support to enterprises. We understand that advanced technologies, empowered customers and unlimited data are changing the business landscape. We see an opportunity in this changing tide of business and seek to offer value-driven services to customers. With our rich industrial insight, we will offer efficient technology services to customers to build a path of progress and innovation. We will help you design a transparent, responsive value chain; we have the expertise and personnel to help you.

To deliver this total customer satisfaction experience, TYPENT has established clear Professional Standards to guide the day-to-day activities by our employees in their interaction with customers using the “Do it right the first time” Service Method.