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What is Trend Micro Email Security?

TrendMicro Email Security is a cloud-based, enterprise-class secure email gateway solution that offers your network protection against ransomware, phishing, spam, Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams and other email threats. TrendMicro Email Security provides advanced protection for Google Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange Server and other cloud or on-premises email systems.

Trend Micro Email Security Singapore

Why are email security solutions necessary?

Research has found that 91 per cent of cyber-attacks begin with an email. Delivering ransomware via email is a tactic often employed by hackers. In just mere seconds, this ransomware could encrypt the entire system or network. Thus, it is crucial that this is blocked before it is delivered. 

Email security solutions can not only help to detect and respond to threats, but they can also prevent cyber-attacks from happening in the first place.

User Protection

Using Trend Micro Email Security solutions, mail administrators set up policies to handle email messages based on the threats detected. Administrators, for example, can quarantine discovered spam and other unsuitable communications or delete detected malware from incoming messages before they reach the business network. By detecting and blocking ransomware phishing emails through advanced analysis techniques, Trend Micro Email Security can keep your network safe and secure.

Bridging the Generational Gap with Trend Micro XGen™ Security

A new class of security software, the Trend Micro XGen™ Security has the ability to go beyond the next generation by addressing a full range of potential threats. This software delivers a cross-generational combination of threat defence methodologies and a linked threat defence to protect your organisation from all unseen threats, rather than employing separated security solutions that do not exchange information.

TrendMicro’s email security services aim to provide solutions that maximise protection. Moreover, the brand’s email security solutions are specifically designed for and integrated with customer applications and platforms on networks, data centres, endpoints and the cloud to minimise IT impact.

Email Security Services

Most businesses in Singapore are utilising or planning to utilise virtualisation and the cloud to cut costs, boost company agility, and better adapt to changing business demands. Trend Micro is the world’s leading server security company. The brand provides data centre and cloud environments with dynamic, adaptive protection. 

Advanced persistent threats (APTs), targeted attacks and custom malware have demonstrated their capacity to bypass traditional security defences, remain undetected for extended periods of time and steal an organisation’s intellectual property and data. 

Security analysts and professionals are increasingly advising businesses to reframe their security due diligence to include specialised threat detection technologies and a proactive real-time threat management methodology.

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