The LX family is our most popular assortment of monitor arms and for good reason. 

First, modular design. 

Modularity means value because you don’t have to buy an entirely new setup every time you want to change or upgrade technology. 

It also supports up to two, three, even four monitors on a single base.  Studies have shown that using two monitors can increase productivity by 20 to 30% and by three monitors by up to 35%. 

You’re practically losing money not using more screens, at least that’s what I tell my boss. 

Another perk of modular design is the ability to customize. As a taller person, I struggle with finding an ergonomic solution that fits me. 

But thanks to the tall pole kit, I can actually adjust the monitor to be exactly at proper ergonomic height saving me all kinds of neck and back pain. 

What I really like about these monitors is how they were made to move. I guess it’s nice that they can do an ergonomic height adjustment or fit underneath a cabinet, but when I’m done working, I want to reclaim my space. 

This is the beauty of the LX which folds down within inches of the base and lets me get on with my life. 

Last but certainly not least, the value. It’s proven performance and a premium design aesthetic without the premium price point. 

Flexibility, modularity, and value, the three hallmarks of the LX family. 

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