Fortigate Configuration Services

A reliable firewall security service is the ideal solution to stop hackers from gaining access to your intellectual property and allows you to safeguard your company’s most precious asset – its data. Essentially, a firewall security service protects your network round the clock by carefully monitoring every piece of code. It inserts itself between the networked devices and the open internet and monitors every bit of information that passes through it. Anything out of the ordinary will be blocked, further ensuring your network’s security.

Let us help you configure and manage your firewall

TYPENT Managed Firewall Service takes the complexity away from firewall management.

Here are some ways Managed Firewall can help your business get compliant and stay secure.
  • 24/7 firewall status surveillance and notifications:  your firewall is being monitored all the time, and you’ll be notified if it suddenly stops working. 
  • Notification if suspicious activity is discovered:  should we discover traffic patterns that indicate malware, we will quickly notify you of the problem.
  • Internal vulnerability scanning:  The firewall scans your internal network to make sure everything is secure.
  • Log monitoring and alerting:  Managed Firewall looks over your firewall logs and alerts you if something is suspicious.
  • Unlimited rogue wireless detection:  Managed Firewall allows you to find any rogue wireless access points to help you protect your network.
  • Firewall backup and recovery:  Should the firewall go down, we offer a backup and recovery options to keep your business going.

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