Firewall Security Solution Singapore

Why does every company require a firewall?

With various threats out there, it is vital for businesses to have a diversified strategy in order to protect against as many external threats as possible. Firewalls play a key role in your cyber security plan to protect your company’s network and data.

Firewalls provide a protective layer between external threats and your organisation’s network. There is a common misconception that firewall security solutions are only necessary for major organisations or large financial institutions. However, in actuality, it is important for any business with a network, regardless of the size of the organisation, to have a firewall security solution.

Firewall Security Solution

Don't get caught by stray bullets from inter-countries cyber hacking

With the ongoing war in Ukraine, small firms in Singapore are the target of over half of all cyber-attacks today. Small business are easy victims as they often have a weaker network security, making it much simpler for cyber criminals to hack into.

According to a recent research, 60 per cent of small firms do not survive a cyber-attack, which is an incredibly large percentage. A cyber-attack can jeopardise both your company’s financial security and longevity of the business. Hence, it is vital that business owners seek a Fortinet distributor in Singapore for reliable firewall services and solutions.

Benefits of having a firewall in your company

Firewall Security Solutions Singapore

Protection against play ransomware

A new ransomware operation called Play ransomware, also referred to as PlayCrypt, had been detected in June 2022. The operation has already accumulated a steady stream of victims around the world. Play has adapted the double-extortion tactic of encrypting endpoints and/or other valuable infrastructure within a business and then threatening to make the exfiltrated material available online if a ransom is not paid.

Since phishing is the primary method used to spread ransomware, businesses should take advantage of firewall services to safeguard their networks from cyber-attacks. A firewall security solution in Singapore responds quickly and effectively when an issue is detected.

New features ensure compliance and security

Vigilance is essential. Hackers are continually refining their techniques as well as developing new and more sophisticated ways to infiltrate businesses. Furthermore, all computer networks run on code. Cyber criminals may utilise coding to enter your company’s network. This malicious code can be used to harm your network and allows hackers access to your business’s valuable data. 

A reliable firewall security service is the ideal solution to stop hackers from gaining access to your intellectual property and allows you to safeguard your company’s most precious asset – its data. Essentially, a firewall security service protects your network round the clock by carefully monitoring every piece of code. It inserts itself between the networked devices and the open internet and monitors every bit of information that passes through it. Anything out of the ordinary will be blocked, further ensuring your network’s security.

Firewall Security Service

A firewall is part of a larger cyber security approach

An effective cyber security strategy goes beyond just firewall protection. If you lack the skills to do so, fret not, as a skilled IT firm can assist you in developing and implementing an effective cyber security plan and firewall system to protect your organisation.

TYPENT is a professional Fortinet distributor in Singapore offering firewall security services. We are experts in our field and can help you create a cyber security strategy that is tailored specifically to your company’s needs. Additionally, we can assist you with putting in place efficient and reliable firewall solutions to safeguard your organisation from cybercrime.
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TYPENT can create a cyber security strategy tailored to your company’s needs and assist you in putting in place an efficient firewall to safeguard your company from cybercrime.

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