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Posted on: 09-06-2015

Packing up and heading into a whole new workplace can be exciting, stressful and immensely complicated. Combine the abundance of critical data and paperwork that needs to be completed with the mass of technology that needs to be relocated, and it can turn out to be one big headache. Shifting from one office to another smoothly depends on the organisation and management of your transition; know the priorities and don’t be hesitant towards investing in professional relocation services that specialise in certain aspects of your business. Think about the process of moving all of your IT networks, equipment and technology; it is well worth having professional to handle that for you.

1. Plan ahead

The first and most important step towards relocating is ensuring you’ve planned for the move itself. Many tasks need to be done before the day comes, allowing you to eliminate as much stress on both you and your teams as possible. What will take precedence on the day, and what will come last? Is there someone in charge of each step of the process? It’s critical that you’ve drafted a hypothetical scenario to keep you on track when the relocation finally rolls around. Allow more time than you expect to need, and more manpower.

2. Your technology is your business

 It’s not enough these days to rely on simply moving all hardware from one location to another. Your business utilises critical IT equipment that ensures your overall operations continue to run proactively. By not planning thoroughly enough for your relocation, it’s likely you’ll experience unexpected downtime and lengthy delays in getting it all back up and running again.

To avoid this, invest time and money into researching and choosing a professional IT relocation service that can do the job for you. These specialists are backed with the skills to design the perfect approach, manage the move and implement all necessary changes.

 3. Know the ins and outs of safe IT relocation

Professionals who are well-versed in this field will have no problem testing and controlling the project management process of moving all of your IT elements. Unlike your typical removalists, these specialists can:

  • Prepare for a full relocation through thorough pre and post project management
  • Assess the situation, conduct audits and provide management
  • Relocation and reinstallation of desktops
  • Server relocation and migration
  • Integration of all necessary equipment
  • Testing and recommissioning of all involved networks, equipment and servers.

Additionally, trusting an expert team means you’re still kept in the loop of all external customers, stakeholders and businesses that are trying to get in touch. Simply, professional IT relocation means you’re never missing a beat.