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Posted on: 07-09-2015

Walking around the office, you find yourself running amuck amongst papers flying everywhere, employees darting from one cubicle to another, and countless emails going back and forth between departments. With the rise of technology in the workspace, it’s inevitable that businesses grow and adapt at a rate that now means it’s critical they keep up with the latest in both software and hardware.

As one of the most important facets of any organisation, email communication needs to be paid close attention to. When a business begins to expand and add more and more to their database, it’s not uncommon to witness a bit of a meltdown with current email service providers (ESPs).

It’s time to ditch the frustration and leverage productivity with an ESP that suits your needs. Not sure if you’re at the point yet? Here’s a few tell-tale signs…

1. You’ve suddenly done with “making do”

It’s been a long time coming but you’ve had enough. The software is slow, the demand on the platform is hefty and the business is still expanding. You’re in need of something a little more sophisticated and equipped with the capabilities to allow your teams to work efficiently.

2. Your email list has exploded

Your list went from John, Sue and Tom to seemingly every name in the phonebook. Standard. Your business has experienced significant growth, as has your email database. If your current email system can’t handle this expansion, a trusted ESP needs to be invested in, s

3. Your emails aren’t being delivered efficiently

Tom starts complaining that the important list of phone numbers you were meant to send him were never received. You start blaming Sue for not sending you them in the first place. In actual fact, Sue did send them, but they were never properly delivered to your inbox. This is a clear-cut sign that your email system is under too much pressure from your organisation, and it’s at this point that you should plan to implement an ESP as soon as possible.

4. Your staff are constantly on the go

You need to give Sue an important file for her external meeting at 10am, but she’s not in the office. She doesn’t have her laptop with her, but does have her mobile. A secure email service provider means Sue can access this file with ease, through a mobile platform that’s automated. If you’re still kicking it old-style, however, Sue is going to be missing out.

5. Your email marketing is suffering

It has taken a whole lot of time and effort for your and your team to implement an email marketing strategy, but suddenly you’re finding the data that’s returned isn’t accurate. An effective ESP means all analytics are delivered with best-in-class support, allowing you to analyze trends, monitor important figures and keep an eye on the all-important bounce rates.

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