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5 tips to speed up your PC

Posted on: 13-09-2019

If you think that your 4GB memory, 500GB hardisk and Windows 10 is enough to get through a days work, good luck.

Chrome on Windows is currently in it’s 77th version. With each new tab that you creates in Chrome, a chunk of your previous 4GB went to service that Chrome Tab.

Ah, and the urban myth of computer gets slower every time after Windows Updates.

Fret not, with the following tips, we guarantee that your computer will be in much better performance that it was previously.


Well yes, you really need rams; lots of rams these days. Even for the simplest job in the office. Standard computers are now equipped with 8GB of memory. However, forum chats showed that with multi-tasking, it comes with great responsibility demand for memory.  If you consistently have 10 or more Tabs opened in Chrome, ram consumption may high as much as 4GB. And you were saying 8GB is sufficient?


Let’s face it, the world is filled with advertisements. Freshly out of your box, applications like DVD Players, PDF readers, free to try software get load into the startup processes when you start Windows. Software applications that you will never ever need should be remove. This site also offer good advise on how to remove bloatware from Windows 10.


If the differences is only SGD200, would you chose an Intel i3, i5 or i7? Unfortunately, most buyers will go for i3 and save the SGD200. Gradually down the road, when the you realized that you should had gone for i7, it’s too late. Yes you can always buy a i7 CPU and swap out the crappy i3. But guess what, you void the 3-year warranty. Simply put it, the warranty goes out of the office window.


Is it so hard of a choice to decide what’s needed and what is not? Take a break, maybe after finishing an entire pot of tea, your computer would had boot into your favorite wallpaper. Using tools like Autoruns and MSCONFIG, you are the master of your own destiny. Simply uncheck the programs that you don’t need to load during startup, reboot the computer and enjoy your cup of tea.


Indexers built into Windows has always been a love it or hate it affair. It helps us to bring our requests on front of our eyeballs with a blink of an eye. However slower computers take a performance hit when indexer takes it own sweet time to search and index your favorite movies, sound tracks, documents and every bit of data inside your hardisk.

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