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Breaking Away from Traditional Email Providers

Posted on: 03-05-2016

Sometimes it can seem like getting an email provider that doesn’t cause you, your employees and your system administrator headaches is an impossibility. Finding the right system or the right provider can be a needle-in-a-haystack situation, as many candidates fail in basic areas. Whether insecure, missing crucial features, vulnerable to disruption or attack or simply too slow, finding someone who ticks all the boxes your business needs can be a chore.
Whether you’re establishing a new business or simply looking to refresh your IT infrastructure, you should consider stepping away from the usual suspects. Many of the most popular options have been around for a decade or longer and have stagnated or simply fallen behind client expectations. But don’t despair. TYPENT can help you sift through the mass of providers, discover where the biggest players fall short and find the right one for your business and your industry.

Nasty, brutish and slow – why you should ditch the dinosaurs

Let’s address the elephant in the room first. Microsoft Exchange is by far the most popular business mail server option in the world. Hundreds of millions of mailboxes – by some estimates as high as 800 million – are run on the Exchange framework for the reason that’s it a known quantity. In short, Exchange is popular because it’s well understood, and it’s well understood because it’s popular.
Unfortunately, this doesn’t detract from the fact that Exchange is notoriously difficult to administer, and extremely expensive to maintain and operate. The death of the Microsoft Small Business Server product family in 2012-13 now means that small and medium-sized enterprises are forced to run two servers (Exchange and Windows Server Essentials) that administration job has gained a new dimension.
Alternatives such as Google for Work tie you into that company’s ecosystem. Specifically, with Google for Work, it tightly integrates with other Google products and only performs at its best on Chrome. Additionally, email comes bundled with a huge number of other services, meaning you’re only getting your money’s worth if you use them. These services can be simpler and not offer the flexibility of al a carte offerings from dedicated cloud storage/document collaboration/etc. providers.

Finding an alternative that suits your business

Discovering a flexible, easy to administer, low-cost email provider that scales with your business’ size and needs isn’t hard. Speak to TYPENT today about Kerio Connect, specifically targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises. Offering the choice of on premise or cloud deployment, it provides the perfect balance of security and convenience. Choose to install it locally for the ultimate in customisability and control, or turn management of your email server over to our skilled technicians who will ensure you get as close to zero downtime as possible from your cloud-based Kerio Connect installation.
Get in touch with TYPENT today by emailing, or call our office directly on +65 6655 4820. We’re happy to explain how your business could benefit from our range of email services that grow with your company’s size and complexity.