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Choosing The Right Services to Outsource in Your Office

Posted on: 26-04-2016

If you’re interested in outsourcing part of your IT infrastructure, it’s important to understand that not all IT systems are created equal. The nature of the data involved and how closely your company relies on it will determine if it’s a fit candidate to outsource. Some services simply cannot be outsourced due to their need to be directly controlled by the owning company.

Examining the service in question and understanding its relationship to your core business will help you decide whether or not it can be outsourced. As the business owner, you should be asking these questions whenever you’re considering outsourcing.

Is the service in its current form costing too much?

One of the key reasons for outsourcing is rising costs. If you’re spending too much maintaining a full time support helpdesk, it may be time to explore alternatives. Your need to integrate computers into every aspect of your business will only rise as time goes on. Finding out what your business can live without having in-house now can save you money in the long-term.

A rigorous examination of the cost-benefit of each of your IT services can also guide hiring practices, capital expenditure and expansion plans in subsequent years. This analysis is beneficial both for the purposes of outsourcing but also provides valuable information about your business.

Is the service responsible for sensitive or confidential data?

Also worth considering is does the service regularly handle data crucial to the running of your business, or information that you would prefer kept purely internal? Your operational security should definitely be a factor if you’re looking for a cloud based storage system or a company to provide back-up services.

Ask yourself: What would be the effect if this data landed with a direct competitor? Whether you’re protecting trade secrets, ensuring the security of your customers’ data or simply ensuring internal correspondence doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, it’s an important question to ask.

Does the service require stringent oversight?

Hand-in-hand with confidentially is supervision. Generally, if something is important enough to keep under wraps, you’ll want to ensure that it’s carefully watched by trustworthy people. Does the service you’re considering outsourcing need to be closely watched and tightly managed? If it requires micromanagement or frequent, complex operations, it may be best to keep it in house and see where you can save time and money elsewhere.

If it came down to it, could my company survive a delay of a week on this service?

A disadvantage of any outsourced IT service is you suddenly have a response time to worry about. With internal support staff, you can just call someone up on another floor or in another part of the office and have them look at it immediately. Even with proactive, ongoing support you’ll always have to wait, even just a few hours.
With more complex services or if you’re geographically distant from the outsourcing company, you could be waiting a significant amount of time. How long your business could survive or continue undisturbed without this service is an import factor to consider.

If you’d like to get some advice on what you should and should not outsource, or are looking for a Singapore-based IT outsourcing company with a strong and well-deserved reputation for customer service, speak to Typent today. Send us an email at or call our office directly on +65 6655 4820.