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Discovering The Right Time to Go Cloud

Posted on: 24-05-2016

Just because everyone else is doing it is no reason to jump head-first into a whole new information technology paradigm. Cloud computing is one of the largest changes to occur in enterprise IT, and the increasing depth and breadth of the services offered means that companies now have unparalleled flexibility in how they structure their systems and manage their budgets.
But it’s not the right move for everyone doing everything. Careful consideration and research must be done beforehand to ensure that you’re getting something equal to or exceeding your current on-premise system, or at the very least you’re only losing features you can live without. Deciding when to make the jump is important as migrating existing data and re-educating employees and clients is a massive undertaking that you don’t want to have to reverse too soon.

The easy decisions

The first question is, what can I be absolutely sure I can replicate in the cloud? Services like back-ups, filesharing, and faxing are ripe for moving to the cloud. You’re looking for systems that are both commonly moved to the cloud – meaning there’ll be enough competition to ensure low rates and a variety of options – and discrete, meaning that a failure off-site doesn’t affect any on-premises infrastructure beyond the inconvenience of the service being down.
Anything where the flow of data is fairly predictable or where you’re providing an option in addition to other solutions should be considered for cloudification. Examples are backing-up crucial data – you’re going to back-up a lot more than you’ll restore – and filesharing, as you’ll be providing an option on-top of existing methods of delivering data.

Putting all your eggs in one basket

Another issue governing when to make the jump is whether you can afford to tie yourself so thoroughly not just to another company’s existence but their pricing and service delivery. We’ve all heard horror stories of businesses being left high-and-dry when their small, fly-by-night cloud provider dropped off the face of the earth, and that isn’t a common problem.
The real issues you’ll face are things like could your business absorb a sudden price-hike by a company? For example, could you go from paying $8 per head per month for cloud filesharing to $9 a month? With a hundred employees, that’s an extra $1,200 a year for just that one service for a very minor price increase. Can you afford to tie yourself so tightly to another company’s fortunes? If you’ve measured the risk and can say yes, you’re closer to being able to make the switch.

Two birds, one stone

If you’re resolved to make the change, choosing the right moment to disrupt your workflow is crucial. If you’ve got a renovation on the cards or are planning an office move, consider bundling it all together. It may sound like multiplying your problems, but in some cases going cloud at the right time can cancel out other difficulties. Moving your employees to a new office and your back-up data online? You’ll have fewer server racks to move.
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