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Everything You Need to Know about Traditional Vs. Cloud-Based Anti-Virus Software

Posted on: 11-12-2015

There’s no getting around it; anti-virus programs are crucial to running your professional or personal computer systems in the safest, most efficient way possible. But with the rise of cloud-based storage, developers have come up with a remote way to protect your systems from malware that doesn’t rely on the processing power of your computer. This begs the question; should we all start moving our anti-virus systems to the cloud or are traditional methods just as effective as ever?

Local computer based anti-virus programs are what most people have used, and currently use, on their systems. You simply download the protection suite onto your PC and allow it to do its job by regularly scanning and monitoring your files for potentially harmful bugs. In comparison, cloud-based options dedicate a small client program on your PC which collects data and then sends it off to the ever-present cloud based server where it sorts through the information remotely.

Herein lies one of the first points of comparison; traditional options often bog down your computer with clunky programs that slow its overall functioning. This is exacerbated by the constant need to update the software to ensure that it can effectively safeguard your computer from the latest threats. Because the cloud processes information from a remote location, it does not slow your computer like PC-based versions do. The processing time is much faster and it continuously communicates with the client program on your system to ensure that your computer is always searching for the latest malware information without having to constantly download updates.

However, while this remote system may offer faster processing times, there are concerns within the tech community that communication between the client and cloud portal could be blocked, ironically, by a virus. Naturally, this would render the anti-virus software useless as it cannot feed information back into your computer, a problem that doesn’t concern traditional options due to its self-contained nature.

From a pricing perspective, there are many free or affordable cloud anti-virus programs available that are considered effective and reliable. This could be a selling point for many people as traditional options are known to be pricey due to their software-heavy approach.

As with any new technology, the pros and cons of cloud based software are still being realised. But as more and more big name anti-virus companies begin rolling out these innovative systems, it looks as though this is yet another part of digital life that is moving full-steam ahead towards the cloud.

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