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Expand your Corporate Horizons with the Accessibility of OneDrive

Posted on: 14-10-2015

All hail the cloud.

The mysterious cloud and its data storage capabilities have long since offered individuals and businesses alike the unique ability to store and access data from anywhere in the world. Typically, professionals were limited in their ability to access and update crucial data on the move. This often proved detrimental to businesses who required rapid resolutions and could not afford timely delays brought on by travel or unavailability.

Any device, anywhere

Nowadays, working is no longer restricted to the office desk. More and more we are finding ourselves working on the go, whether it be from an off-site computer, mobile device or tablet. When this is the case, you want to be sure you have access to important documents you need at any given time.

Sharing just got easier

You can do more than just share your favourite photos and videos too. Users have the ability to share and edit documents from any device and work together with others on a project at the same time, maximising both efficiency and flexibility. This feature is particularly beneficial for multinational companies and often have specialists from multiple offices corresponding on a single project.

Your business’s best friend

Cloud storage options such as OneDrive are also helpful for small businesses looking for affordable and effective file management solutions. More than just a way of seamlessly sharing files between employees, OneDrive for Business offers a virtual landscape where you can store, sync and share work files with ease. This solution provides 1TB of storage, which enables its users to manage their work files and protect their crucial company data.

A convenient third party solution

As well as proving global accessibility, corporate cloud storage providers have also offered companies an innovative platform in which they can manage their data storage requirements. Utilising an offsite data management service ensures security and forgoes any issues surrounding overburdened and lagging onsite storage devices.

Digital technologies have revolutionised our ability to store and share data – don’t get left behind. We have just the solutions you need, contact us at to find out more.