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Finding Email Service Providers Who Live Up to Your Expectation

Posted on: 15-03-2016

It can be hard finding equipment, tools and services that work for your team. No two companies are alike, so many business owners can become frustrated looking for the email provider that suits them. Often it’s a case of close-but-no-cigar as you discover a product that’s an 80 per cent match, or a 95 per cent match, but falls short in some way or another. Whether it’s too resource heavy for your infrastructure or too feature-rich for your more modest requirements, often little hassles or problems compound leading to a general frustration in the office or in a certain department with the software.

A crowded marketplace

Navigating the myriad email options available for even small businesses can be bewildering. Before you even get to requesting a demonstration finding a service that aligns with your needs can be extremely difficult. To get a clearer idea of your business’ needs, it’s best to examine what your current software doesn’t do or fails to do well, not what you like about it.

Whether your current set-up is struggling under the weight of a growing contact list due to business expansion, or the system is unfriendly to the changing mobile face of the workplace, it’s these shortcomings that will guide your decision. Considering how your business is likely to develop in the next few years will also inform your choices. Outlining how your company’s IT infrastructure will deal with growth in your business strategy is a smart move that can potentially save headaches down the line.

Getting specific

Once you have a better idea of what your requirements currently are and what they are likely to be, your company will be better able to make an intelligent, informed choice. When you get into the marketplace, there are a few points to make note of. Email – despite its age – is the backbone of the digital economy. While it may be tempting to shop for the cheapest provider, it’s incredible important that when you look that cost follows features. If you end up spending slightly more than you imagined, it’ll pay dividends in the future.

More importantly, while ’99.9999% up time’ looks like a fantastic promise, you must read your Service Level Agreement thoroughly and have it examined by a lawyer if need be. Understand the company’s responsibilities under the agreement and any potential reimbursement you’re entitled to if they fail to meet their promises.

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