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Finding Your Files in Your 1,001 Electronic Devices

Posted on: 10-05-2016

That big client is coming in for the make-or-break meeting with your business, and you can’t find the document you need to make it a slam dunk. You’ve checked your phone, your laptop, your desktop, your tablet and your home computer, but you can’t find it.
In an increasingly IT-enabled world, having too much technology can almost be as big of a hazard as too little. If you start a document on your tablet, email it to your desktop, then take it home on your laptop to complete, that’s three versions of the same file at different levels of completion, likely with the same filename. No one wants to get into a meeting and open a half-finished PowerPoint on the projector because they took the version from their phone instead of their tablet.

Not seeing the forest for the trees

Figuring out a way to ensure that you’re always A) working with latest version of the file and B) able to quickly find the file again can seem daunting at an enterprise level, as even a company of 75 people could have two or three times that number of devices.
Additionally, remote workers have to ensure that they’ve got all the files they need with them when they leave the office, or risk having to awkwardly phone back and have someone laboriously email it to one of their devices from another of their own devices. How archaic!
The increasing information technology-dependency of the modern workplace has opened doors to a whole new way of doing business, but it’s also created a whole new family of problems for employees, business-owners and systems administrators. We’re producing more data per person than ever before but now the problem is how do we categorise and organise that data in an understandable way while ensuring that it’s accessible.

Building a reliable, flexible file-sharing system

The solution is cloud storage. Go beyond a clunky network drive and ensure that anyone of your employees, wherever they are on earth, can access mission critical documents in a timely fashion. But the problem now is security. Even if you’re not a law firm or part of the healthcare industry, protecting against leaks, attacks and vulnerabilities should be one of your highest priorities.
But how do you know your cloud provider has your best interests in mind? Answer: When it’s you. There are a number of corporate cloud storage options that are installed and maintained on premise, meaning it’s only your employees who have access to the hardware.
You take additional responsibility but you gain the fine-grain control and peace of mind that comes from knowing no one else can damage it. These systems provide all the advantages of a software as a service model – accessibility of data, ease of maintenance – with the ability to set your own goals and work around your own requirements.
The team at TYPENT are experts at building fantastic corporate cloud storage system. If you want to add flexibility to your employees’ working days, get in touch. Send an email to to start the conversation and begin your transformation into a modern, secure, 21st century company.