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Finding The Right IT Experts

Posted on: 30-11-2015

In our last blog, we covered why companies should never make the common mistake of hiring the cheapest IT outsourcing company. Our mission is to help you find the right IT company to help grow your business, so in this blog we’ll be teaching you what to look for in an IT professional.

The first thing you’ll be looking for is a broad body of experience. As your first responder in the event of catastrophic breakdown or virus infection, you don’t need a specialist, you need an all-rounder. Specialists can add depth to a team, but if you’re a small business with a small IT budget and limited needs, you need to spend your money wisely on a single technician.

Age and length of career contribute to this as someone older and in industry for longer is going to have more opportunities to broaden themselves, but don’t discount younger workers too. Either way, it’s important to be able to effectively assess technicians from potential companies. One effective way to sort the wheat from the chaff is to pose each company a series of IT problems that have happened to you. How they respond will be an excellent litmus test of if they’re skilled enough and a cultural fit for you.


Preventions and not just cures


An IT company that doesn’t suggest ways you could be doing better isn’t an IT company you want to do business with. Part of the job is protecting their client from future problems and loss of funds by strengthening and improving their IT infrastructure.

No matter what industry you’re in, you need to be keeping up with the latest developments in technology, otherwise you risk being outrun or out-manoeuvred by the competition who are getting that necessary support. Growth is more than just your bottom line – it’s about doing business smarter and more effectively. You need agile, dextrous IT solutions to accomplish that.

When speaking to a company you’re considering contracting, talk to them about your current situation and ask what they would change to improve your e-commerce platform or bring about better inter-departmental communication. No IT system is perfect, so they should be able to offer at least some suggestion. The technician who says your current system is perfect is a poor flatterer.


Do your homework


If you’ve managed to generate a shortlist of companies, now the hard work begins. Talk to as many of their clients as possible and find out their experiences with the company. This may be difficult to do, so begin by asking around your professional networks if anyone in your field has had dealings with them. A ground-level perspective from a trusted colleague can often be worth far more than a convincing spiel from the company itself.

Who you outsource your IT to is an important and expensive decision with long-lasting implications for you and your company. Make sure you make a choice you don’t regret. Doing your homework and investing more in your IT infrastructure is always a prudent choice. Protect yourself and ensure your business’ future with robust, reliable IT service. We provide solutions – just hit us up at!