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Five Ways to Improve IT Workflow in the Office

Posted on: 23-02-2016

Poor workflow can be the death of any company. From the very smallest business to the biggest corporation, inefficiencies can pile up, causing a loss of revenue that can snowball if tackled in the wrong way. These can be as simple as a bit of a lag on an employee’s terminal to as complicated as unnecessary redundancies in your infrastructure. Whatever they are and whatever their size, they need to be tackled quickly, effectively and with minimum loss to your bottom line.
Here are five ways any business could be clawing time back and cutting costs in their IT infrastructure.

Reducing redundancies

The first, largest and hardest question you should answer is also one of the simplest: ‘What exactly does my company need?’ Putting in too much means wasted upfront costs, wasted labour leading to ongoing losses, and the potential for greater maintenance costs as you have to keep a great number of systems up-to-date and functional.
Conversely, too little means spending more in the future to catch up, and reduced productivity in the short-term as your employees try to make do. Figuring out exactly what your company needs to do its job and serve its customers and then adjusting your infrastructure based on that answer is the best way to improve your workflow. Speaking to an IT expert can also be illuminating.
There are two solutions here that can improve your workflow: the first is virtualisation of part of your network. Get rid of a lot of hardware and retain functionality by virtualising each server’s functionality onto different layers of a single unit.
The second is to ditch the in-house hardware and go to the cloud. Letting the hardware be maintained by another company means you’re not paying wages or maintenance costs while getting the same service.

Cutting waste

Also worth considering is whether or not you even need an in-house IT team. Could your needs – and your bottom line – be served just as well or even better by farming out these operations to a service company? For many smaller businesses, the answer will be yes. Retaining a full-time system administrator in a company of 10 people is going to be extremely wasteful, you won’t be getting your money’s worth in salaries as there simply won’t be enough to do.
Hiring a third-party IT service company to work with you on an ongoing basis could save you money. You’ll get all the proactive support and advice as an in-house company with a fraction of the costs.
Many companies are also turning away from offering employee phones for afterhours contact for essential staff and are electing to go to a bring your own device plan. Such a scheme saves you money while also having the benefit of improving morale and convenience for your employees; they won’t have to carry two handsets and can have the comfort of a familiar device even when working.
Automate to evolve
Reduce your labour costs by automating part of your business’ more menial tasks. Even small and medium enterprises can benefit from configuration management software such as Puppet that keeps your whole team up-to-date effortlessly.
Thoughtful implementation of these solutions could see you posting greater profits than ever before. Slash your overheads, increase your productivity and improve your IT workflow with a bit of forward thinking.
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