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How does server virtualisation work?

Posted on: 28-07-2015

What is it?

A physical server computer is a machine that hosts files and provides data for computer networks. Each individual server is used for a dedicated task, such as a Mail Server. For a larger business to complete many tasks at once, many servers are required which can start to take up a lot of space. Each server has a large processing capacity that is not being utilised, meaning a lot of space is wasted.

Server virtualisation is the process of converting a physical server into multiple virtual servers. This minimises wasted space and fills it with virtual servers instead.

How does it work?

Software is used to virtualise a server, which allows several operating systems to run on a single physical server. The new, virtual system allows multiple applications without the need for multiple servers. Once it is installed, it can be used the same way as the previous physical computer was. Virtualising your computer systems will give you a head start if you haven’t yet moved to a cloud storage system, and will shortcut the process.

What would it mean for me?

As previously mentioned, physical servers can be inefficient. A large portion of their power goes unused and they take up quite a bit of storage space. A virtual system can consolidate data to take up a quarter of the space, and utilises all of the hard drive’s resources.

Costs can also be cut by doing this. Power costs will decrease along with the costs of actually buying a server.

There are many conveniences that come with upgrading to a virtual system. The new server is essentially a single computer file. This means it can be transferred to a different physical server with ease.

Usually, businesses will create a disaster recovery plan by duplicating the setting with identical hardware. The costs of doing this can be reduced when a virtual server is in place. Your disaster emergency plan can also be tested with virtualisation software before the time comes to use it.

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