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How to Manage Your Employees Value While Outsourcing

Posted on: 21-08-2015

Though there are many benefits to outsourcing, transferring duties to computer software or an out of house party can lead to staff feeling undervalued, as well as disconnection between companies and employees. A disconnect between your company and its employees can result in a breakdown of communication and organisation, which in turn can to lead to more serious issues. So how can we avoid this?

Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is extremely important and is directly linked to the productivity off your company, so being proactive about maintaining morale amongst both in house staff and third party staff whilst outsourcing is absolutely key. Miscommunication is an inevitable part of any workplace, making sure your employees feel confident that they have a voice and that that voice will be heard is paramount. This can be achieved by making sure your company has a strong HR team in place that is equipped to handle important interpersonal relationships and liaison HR issues. By doing so you will dramatically limit the risk of disconnect between your company and its employees. Remember to steer clear of outsourcing for people-centric jobs, keeping jobs like HR in house will help you effectively deal with any outsourcing issues that may arise.

Progress and Praise

Nurturing employee relationships with ALL staff holds equal importance, so tracking performance and praising high performers is one way of ensuring staff know they are valued whether they are working onsite or from the offices of a third party team. In order to track progress accurately and assure that employees receive the praise they deserve, strong communication should be maintained and meetings should be scheduled regularly.


Additionally, although outsourcing can prove to be a challenge when it comes to communication and organisation, technology has come a long way, and we can now access a number of programs that can help with this process. Utilising the cloud can present significant benefits, including streamlining all on and offsite communication efforts across all staff. Products such as Typent’s Corporate Cloud allow all teams to access efficient task management, projects, data and communication in a stable environment.

A breakdown in communication and organisation can now be combated using various channels including but not limited to; chat, skype, screen share and Google docs. Utilising tools like these will help make the task of communication between management, in house staff and outsourced teams as far less painful task. To Find out more about how Typent, is combating any unforeseen issues you can read more here, or contact us on +65 6655 4820.