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Posted on: 06-11-2015

You’ve managed to set up your computer with some kind of anti-virus system, your firewall is all ready to go and your browser is all up-to-date with necessary plug-ins. Security patches seem to be all good and your system’s defences are seemingly working. But are they actually working as well as they can?

Common misconceptions with anti-virus software means many people don’t realise the vulnerability their computer can carry, all because of a lack of know-how and insights into what kind of software is good software.

Use the EICAR method to see if your software is really doing any good

Testers and researchers have made our lives easier by creating a files that is harmless to the computer system, but allows it to be detected as a “virus”. This means you can easily see if your software is working to full capacity by creating this little file. Simply open up a Notepad document, paste in these 68 characters, and save it as the extensions .COM or .EXE. If your software is working well enough, the file will be detected as a threat and automatically removed.

Not sure if you have anti-virus software installed?

If your operating system is Windows 8, you’ll already have anti-virus software up and running – Windows Defender will be guarding your computer. However, this needs to be turned on, which you can check by heading to your taskbar and seeing if there is a notification alerting you that it is off. If you are running other operating systems, you may find that you don’t have anti-virus software installed at all. Test by using the above EICAR method, or search your computer for related programs.

Yes, you need anti-virus software, regardless

If you’re one of those people that still aren’t all that convinced that your computer needs a protection program, then you could be causing damage to your computer already. Browsing the web safely will only get you so far, as many threats go undetected anyway. If you’re one to download a lot of files, it only takes visiting the wrong website to instantly install malware or viruses straight into your system. Most importantly, your computer can still get infected by visiting a website that you think is safe.

Eliminate the threat and invest in good anti-virus software, like Typent’s WebRoot. Let us know how we can help you today, email us at