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Is your business data protected should the worst happen?

Posted on: 25-06-2015

In this technological age, we all know how valuable the data we store on our computers is. This applies not only at home, but perhaps even more so in the business world. When our businesses rely so much on computing, we need to be able to feel safe that, in a worst-case scenario, everything will be properly safeguarded against data loss.

Nowadays, we’re looking at screens from the moment we wake up until the time our heads hit the pillow. A full integration across all platforms of communication is the only way for a business to ensure they are ahead of the game. With this in mind, the latest in networking capabilities, that is, cloud computing (Windows Server is a good example) is a great answer to storage woes.

When running a Windows Server or other cloud computing network, you really need to feel safe that if the system fails, your data is fully backed up and safely protected. Druva inSync is a prime example of data loss prevention technology in this setting, bringing you total peace of mind. There are several advantages of implementing Druva inSync to your computer network:

1. You’ll reclaim storage space

Looking to save money? Considering storage is actually the top item of expenditure for businesses globally, any ways that help to reduce the amount of storage you use is beneficial. Using smarter data deduplication methods, Druva inSync delivers 90% storage savings and even 10x faster bandwidth speeds.

2. Totally secure endpoint backup

All of your vital data is continuously protected across all devices, from desktop to your mobile device(s). You can sleep easy knowing that your data is completely secure, too, both in the network and within storage. With geo-location services and the ability to remotely wipe data, sensitive information will never be viewed by the wrong eyes.

3. Impressive data analytics

If you’re like us and love data analysis, you’ll love the thorough analytics abilities of Druva inSync. Your abilities to discover and analyse trends across your whole network of data is sure to impress the most analytical fanatic.

To get your business’ data fully backed up and secured, we highly recommend this brilliant program. Email us at or contact us at + 65 6655 4820 for a product demo today!