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Posted on: 11-11-2015

Known as a type of IT process, system integration (SI) is the means of combining different components and “subsystems” to form one larger one. This means each subsystem can be monitored to ensure it focuses correctly. In a nutshell, SI is often used to add more value to an existing system by providing and connecting a range of functionalities from other systems. Essentially, this creates one major, effective platform.

Over the last 10 years or so, industries have been focusing on integrating a number of system functionalities from various platforms, into an all-in-one mode. Now, it is still looked at by a majority of major companies, but a specialist provider is often needed to ensure the capabilities are combined most efficiently.

Why is it important?

These days, companies that want to be able to stay up-to-date with industry and technical trends must maintain a smooth-operating system. Ones that aren’t integrated may mean that resource costs can be exceptionally and unnecessarily high, placing a huge burden on the staff and technology of the business. When SI is actioned properly, brands can use it to cut costs on a number of fields and utilise a unified platform for their operations.

What is a system integrator?

Specialising in combining component subsystems together, an integrator is able to work across multiple fields in IT to brainstorm, action and implement the product. Generally, these professionals are great at allocating products to various customer needs, and are apt at quickly understanding how to work a specific system.

Typent’s system integration services

At Typent, we provide complete integration services for companies across multiple industries. These may include telephony solutions, or internet components—all of which combine network design and the procurement of systems and features. We currently work with Microsoft Windows for small businesses, as well as BackOffice integration and enhancement.

If you’re like to find out more about this service, get in touch with the Typent team on +65 6655 4820.