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Office 365 Email – How it Works and why it’s Right for You

Posted on: 27-10-2015

Finding the right software for your business is a conundrum worth mulling over if you want to maximise efficiency and productivity. Microsoft’s Office365 has brought the far-reaching advantages of cloud technology to the traditional benefits of the suite, using a subscription service that combines the usual Office software with all the added perks of Microsoft’s online services. To start, you get access to the huge Web Apps range which is packed with useful tools, while enjoying the latest versions of all the core Office software that you wouldn’t normally receive with the standard Office suite.

Connect from anywhere

Cloud sharing has been a phenomenon in recent years and has changed the way in which we create, share and consume information. Embracing the advantages of cloud storage is the most obvious difference you’ll notice, as it gives users the ability to access data from anywhere. Your phone, tablet, laptop, home computer and any other devices can be linked together so that you always have your files on hand. Forgot to print that work you were going to take home? Simply access it from any location on one of your synced devices and enjoy constant access to all your documents. Another advantage of this feature is that you can upload, share and edit documents in real-time to ensure all your employees have the most up-to-date version.

But what about security?

One of the biggest concerns for both individuals and businesses when it comes to emails and the cloud is the security. To defend against any interceptions of confidential information, Office 365 uses 128-bit SSL/TLS encryption to protect data from being used by unauthorised sources, and allows users to create rules for who can and can’t access uploaded files within your organisation. Microsoft has also added more extensive controls for administrators so that you can use and maintain the software in accordance with the needs of your business.

The verdict

With control, security and flexibility, Office 365 is a must-have for any business. Even if you just want the standard features of the Microsoft Office suite, Office 365 is still a fantastic choice for an affordable, convenient and reliable way to stay productive around the clock. Feel free to check in with our experts at to find the right solutions for you.