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Office 365 Team Sites

Posted on: 09-10-2015

How Office 365 Team Sites are Creating Efficient, In-Tune Workplaces


Modern cloud computing is still in its infancy and every day tech companies are coming up with new, exciting ways to take advantage of unlimited remote storage and high-speed internet access. Office 365 Team Sites are the versatile alternative to third-party apps such as Dropbox, providing a seamless transition from a desktop version of Word or Excel, to cloud-hosted live documents, storage, and more.


Work together, apart


At its core, Office 365 team sites are designed to aid and improve collaboration. By giving users the ability to create private websites within itself, Office 365 provides all the tools they need to work together, from any location. If you have an internet connection and a browser you can access the Team Site and use the full suite of Office products, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. This gives remote users the power to work cohesively with their colleagues, regardless of whether they are in the next room, state, or continent.


Team Sites also make the concept of “hot desking” more effective and convenient. The capacity to sit at any computer and access your work is ideal for busy workplaces where space can be at a premium. If you have a large number of part-time or casual staff, they can sit anywhere there is room and get to work without worrying about who is sitting where. The idea of ‘my desk’ might soon become a thing of the past in many Team Site savvy workplaces.


Say goodbye to your old-fashioned intranet


Beyond projects and collaboration, Office 365 Team Sites are great for collating company information. This gives employees easy access to important documents and forms, and a central hub of knowledge to ensure everyone is on the same page. Traditional business intranets are often unwieldy, requiring yet another set of security credentials to access and employees rarely bother to log on. This then causes the intranet stop being used and updated at all, which can lead to confusion and problems when there is a need for information. Office 365 Team Sites use the same username and password as the user’s email account, making it simple to log in and get what you need quickly.


Versatile and flexible


Office 365 Team Sites are designed to take the hard work out of file sharing and collaboration, and as the system evolves users will find a myriad of other uses. It has been compared to a box of LEGO, where all the pieces are just waiting to be arranged into something new and exciting.


To find out how you can incorporate Office 365 into you ever growing business needs, check in with us at Typent.