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Office 365’s Instant Message & Web Conferencing Capabilities

Posted on: 22-10-2015

Office 365 has redefined the workplace. Web conferencing is allowing employees to work together, whilst apart. HD video and audio meetings allow for you, and up to 250 people to sit in the same virtual meeting room. No matter your device – desktop, laptop, tablet HD TV or phone, features such as real-time note taking and one-click screen sharing now enables everyone to be in the conversation. It’s a mobile world of business endeavours, and Office 365 is embracing that with its web conferencing and instant messaging features.


A cost and time effective solution for any company – this software allows companies to cut the cost associated with travelling and streamlining processes. Employees can communicate, no matter where they are. Connected through the cloud, collaboration is easy with content from other Office 365 applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and Access) accessible online, and easily accessible for live sharing and editing through the digital platform. It’s these comprehensive features that give businesses a little more flexibility in their daily operations.


Integrated all together in the one application, Office 365’s web conferencing makes multiple forms of communication – instant messaging, audio calls, video calls, and file sharing – easy.  It’s a great solution for any business. With a built in address book, employees are able to easily request and plan meetings with one another, sharing important dates and times straight to their calendar.


Office 365’s web conferencing and instant messaging functions have changed the game of workplace communications. With international accessibility from any online device, meeting attendees have numerous features at their disposal virtually re-creating anything possible of traditional, face-to-face meetings. Conference hosts can present PowerPoint presentations, share screens, even create virtual whiteboards for attendees to edit. Hosts hold the power to assign attendees’ presenter rights, mute them and even block them from viewing certain videos.


In a world so reliant on digital technology for communications, Office 365’s web conferencing and instant messaging is the perfect answer for any business. Typent has the right resources to help businesses keep up with the trend; find out more by contacting us at