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Outsourcing Your IT Services

Posted on: 22-03-2016

It’s only your servers that you can outsource, it’s your IT department. If you’re a big believer in the agility and responsiveness of the cloud, outsourcing your IT services could be for you. Trusting a purpose-built, continually-updating company with the maintenance and servicing of your infrastructure can seem like an enormous step with a lot of unknowns attached, but it can be a transparent and beneficial arrangement for you and your employees.

The problem

Maintaining in-house IT expertise is an expensive ongoing commitment for your company. Not only are you paying labour costs, you’re also funding education and additional training as standards change and the market moves to embrace new technology. The paradox is that businesses with an internal team can’t afford not to spend money.

Additionally, you’ll be constantly looking to expand the team. As your company grows and your number of employees (and thus terminals) goes up, you’ll need more and more experts on deck to help you resolve an increasing number of support tickets.

Hiring IT professionals is also famously difficult. Apart from giving them a shot and evaluating their ability, it can often be difficult to find out if someone with fewer than five years of experience is any good at their job. Being a trouble-shooter or a system administrator requires a breadth of skills that many other vocations simply don’t. It’s nearly impossible to deduce from a resume and a 20-minute interview if someone is good at not just each individual task but managing all of them within the same day.

With the industry always changing and evolving, an employee you thought was fantastic and a stand-out 24 months ago can now seem out-of-date and left behind. If IT technicians don’t show the initiative and mental dexterity needed to constantly reinvent themselves and adapt to a changing field, their usefulness will quickly expire.

The solution

Contracting the ongoing services of an external IT services company solves many of these problems. You won’t have to worry about training costs or the stress of headhunting the very best technicians with the most potential. The outsourcing company will rigorously screen each and every employee and will ensure they’re working with the most current knowledge and education.

The cost can also be dramatically lower than running your own department, with almost no change in service delivery. Your business can focus on what you’re here to do, not on how to ensure that everyone gets their emails.

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