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Relocate Everything – Do Not Lose Your IT Assets

Posted on: 27-01-2016

As a business, it’s crucial that regardless of what is going on internally you are still able to service your clients and provide them with the same assistance as ever. If you’re going through a transitional period such as a relocation, take precautions so that you can keep the capital coming in uninterrupted. Otherwise, you might find there’s not much a business left after the transition!
Whether you’re moving across the country, across the street, or just across the room, ensure that you have continuity of service throughout the entire process. Small and medium enterprise (SME) owners who are new to their role as head of a company, or even just new to their industry may scoff and think they can quickly and painlessly migrate their IT assets and systems. That’s a mistake not many make twice.
Many people fail to take into account all of the additional systems that they have acquired and installed during their time at their original location. While the drive is toward the cloud, many companies still maintain complicated server set ups, in addition to employee terminals, telephony systems, peripherals such as printers, copiers and scanners, uninterruptible power supplies, and a lot more. You may only think of the computers you and your employees use and the server they’re all connected to, but as moving day gets closer you’ll realise how unprepared you are.

Putting it all back together again

Even if you do contract a conventional moving company and manage to successfully disconnect and move your entire IT infrastructure, the hard part isn’t over. On arrival, you’ll have to reconnect your system. You may retain an IT professional on staff or have an outsourcing service on retainer, but the fact of the matter is they may simply not know how you had all of this connected. You may be paying them to troubleshoot software or install printers; there’s the very real possibility that your regular IT contractor doesn’t have a complete picture of every connection in your system.
Here is where the potential for failure is highest. As you painstakingly reassemble your infrastructure, you’re losing money every day in lost wages for salaried employees, additional costs for contracting IT professionals and lost capital. Not only are you deprived of income as your employees try to do their job with a limited (or non-existent) suite of tools, clients may become dissatisfied with longer turnaround times and desert your company.

A helping hand

The best choice you can make for your business is to contract a separate relocation company for your IT assets and systems. Let the moving company take care of the tables and chairs; specialist companies who can work with you and your IT staff to carefully disconnect and relocate your infrastructure, install it in the most efficient way, and set up and test for faults are the way to go. Many companies provide fully documented services so you may walk away from the relocation with a greater understanding of your assets than before.
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