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Server Virtualisation, Your Business and You

Posted on: 02-02-2016

Individuals establishing small and medium enterprises are frequently shocked at the breadth of hardware required to run all the necessary modern applications and infrastructure that make up a business’ lifeblood. Multiple servers are frequently needed to provide the most basic services to you and your employees.
Many organisations rely on separate servers for email, files, printing and SQL, leading to enormous expenses. Multiple servers increase your overheads in not just the upfront cost of the hardware, but in labour costs spent administrating and operation costs such as power and repairs. These can be crippling in both the short and long-term for a new company with limited brand recognition and earning potential, but many business owners see them as unavoidable.
As the costs mount and you wonder how you’re going to keep all these plates spinning, you may hope there’s a better option. Fortunately there is. Many smaller businesses now have the opportunity to consolidate their server operations into a single piece of hardware.

Make your infrastructure smarter, not bigger

Server virtualisation is the practice of making a single piece of hardware do the work of numerous diverse units. One piece of hardware is partitioned into several ‘virtual machines’ each functioning as a discrete system. This means multiple operating systems and applications can be loaded onto a single server for greater productivity and reduced complexity. This means that applications that only work on Linux or older Windows systems can be made to run seamlessly on the OS your team is most comfortable using.
Perfect for business of all sizes, this practice is especially valuable to smaller business that don’t require the raw processing power that larger corporations need from their hardware. As virtual programs or machines run in a layer created by a host system, there are always going to be a degree of performance lost compared to running it on a physical box. This isn’t a problem for smaller companies or organisations executing multiple low-resource operations. However, for a business that relies on 24/7 video streaming, live backup or transaction processing systems, they may want to consider a hybrid solution, farming more intensive operations out to dedicated boxes.
Extremely versatile, going for virtualisation over discrete servers means that there’s only one box for your system administrator to tend to. The practice will also save you money in the long-term as only have to pay to run and cool one server instead of a whole room of half a dozen or more, and you’ll require a smaller office space.

Getting the most for your dollar

If you’re looking to save money while future-proofing your small or medium enterprise, server virtualisation should definitely be a consideration. You can stretch your money further by outsourcing your network support services to a reputable, local company.
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