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Singapore vendor to migrate email to O365

Posted on: 30-05-2019

If you have a lot of mailboxes, migration to O365 can be complex task for SMEs. TYPENT has the correct expertise to help you in this area. Follow the following steps will ensure a seamless and smooth migration.


  • Provision users in Office365.
  • Create and Configure a mailboxes.
  • Existing OS & software version checks
  • Calculate and size migration (optional)
  • Notify users that their mailboxes will be moving to a new system.
  • Purchase migration licenses.

One week before cutover:

  • Notify users on the migration.
  • Verify mailbox access by submitting mailboxes for migration using Verify Credentials.
  • Perform initial migration pass. Follow the directions in the Microsoft article Common migration strategies.

Day of migration:

  • Cut over mail flow to new system.
  • Set up mailbox forwarding/co-existence (optional).
  • Wait for cutover information to propagate.
  • Wait for the forwarding duration to complete
  • Wait for global DNS record updates
  • Initiate the migration
  • Notify users that the migration is complete, and set up their Outlook profiles to point to their new Destination.

Day after migration:

  • Perform a delta migration to pick up any residual mail.

Alternatively to save you from the hard work, you can email us to assist you with this task. In the subject heading, just put O365-ASSIST to enjoy promotional rates.