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Software System Integration for Efficient Management

Posted on: 15-05-2015

IT service and outsourcing companies in Singapore and around the world often face issues concerning the best business system to manage their operations successfully. It is often observed that efficient planning is replaced with short-term revenue acceleration goals, which in turn leads to the installation of numerous disparate applications at different times in various functions. This results in business process inefficiencies as well as software integration challenges. What is the underlying factor behind these issues?

The fact remains that such problems come into being when business software applications are not integrated into a single codebase, database, and business process.

Integration is defined as the interconnection of disparate software applications for improving functionality and boosting results. The common database and user interface are enabled to allow access to all data in a particular organization. Companies are known to put aside resources for the selection and implementation of software applications, in order to support management, purchasing, human resources, financial data, and customer relationship management.

Apart from boosting business productivity, there are also other advantages to designing systems in this manner, such as:

Process Efficiency

There are many key processes one comes across, such as order management, invoicing, expense approvals, etc., and automating such processes helps one avoid new hires and redeploy staff to carry out other activities. This also helps cut down on order processing time.

Enhanced Visibility

Real-time visibility plays an important part in helping one make informed decisions. Enhanced information access enables employees to make better and swifter decisions – which help increase savings and double profits in the long term.

Speedier Expansion

Thanks to an integrated software system, expanding to different locations and sales channels comes quicker than ever. This is primarily due to unified order as well as accounting management processes and data.

User-Driven Innovation

Since process changes can be swiftly implemented, business users can use their expertise to customize processes and applications to enhance performance. This aids in building innovative value-added solutions.

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