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The Dependency Of Cloud Servers

Posted on: 09-02-2016

If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve probably developed an IT infrastructure unique to your business that meets your needs. Many business-owners favour incremental upgrades rather than paradigm changes at their workplace, but there are cases where short-term disruption to your existing systems can lead to a great increase in long-term productivity.
Cloud storage is an industry-wide disruption. Many companies have already taken the plunge after early adopters proved its effectiveness, but some business may be reticent to make the jump as it seemingly runs counter to established security and privacy practices. Trusting an external server managed by another company to host sensitive and potentially lucrative data seems bizarre to some owners. But it can be done safely.
You don’t have to choose between the security of your data and convenience and ease of use. Your business can have an infrastructure that allows employees to safely access documents and even their entire work environment from home from a remote terminal. It just takes some careful thought and pre-planning.

Don’t buy cheap, buy responsible

When choosing a cloud server provider, it’s important to approach it as you approach hiring a document courier. You want someone who’s reliable, who has a proven track record of respecting both their client’s privacy and the sanctity of their arrangement, but also who understands the need for speed and efficiency.
Selecting a server provider should be a similar exercise. You want to be able to have a professional relationship with your provider that extends beyond the financial. They should be aware of your business’ unique circumstances and working with you towards your goals as an integral part of your company, not simply as a fly-in service provider.
This is to say many of the larger providers such as Amazon with their Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) as well as their competitors are unsuitable for businesses looking for that close, tailored relationship. They don’t give you the fine-grain level of control over your data that you get with some smaller providers.
While large corporations are held accountable by potentially millions of clients, they’ll never be able to provide one-on-one help or make small alterations to ensure your happiness. This is to say Amazon’s service will always serve their average customer – and do it well! – but you might not be the average customer.

Off-the-rack vs bespoke

The best clothing is the one that’s been tailored for your body, and only your body. Buying suits or dresses off the rack means they might look good but pinch here and hang there when they shouldn’t. To get a service that does everything you need it to and neatly conforms to the shape of your business, get a reputable, knowledgeable company who you can meet face-to-face with.
Typent is proud to offer Singaporean businesses a corporate cloud service that works in lock-step with their company. All the advantages of a self-run in-house network with none of the fuss or maintenance and labour costs.
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