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The Importance of Holistic Email Solutions

Posted on: 19-01-2016

The one thing all successful teams – from brilliant research scientists to unstoppable sports sides – have in common is clear, open and regular communication. Some of the largest problems in an organisation come about because of a lack of communication – duplication of work, inefficiencies, missed deadlines and more can often be traced to someone not getting a message they were meant to see.
Sometimes its human error and that person wasn’t diligent enough, but a startling amount of the time it’s a system fault. Whether poorly set up, faulty or simply badly designed, many company’s email and scheduling systems are nightmares not just for employees but also clients, who are often the ones who bear the brunt of these technical mishaps. Your poor email system could be costing you money – not just in labour costs due to lost hours, but in revenue as clients fall away due to dissatisfaction.

Get everyone on the same page

Close examination of many business’ collaborative working environment reveals that a lot of Singapore companies could be working faster and smarter with a bit of forethought and ingenuity. An atomized system is going to be rife with vulnerabilities where messages can slip past people’s attention or through cracks in the system leading to miscommunication. A holistic approach to email, collaboration and scheduling is needed to provide your employees with the tools they need to work at their best.
A holistic approach to email means taking an in-depth look at how your company communicates. How does it communicate with clients and competitors? How do different departments and branches, and workers in the same departments communicate? No two companies are the same, so finding the right communication system needs to come from a strong understanding of your business practices and corporate culture.
Ultimately you’ll need a system that can best facilitate the exchange of ideas and information within your company and with clients, suppliers and competitors. Having everything under one banner means an easier time for your systems administrator and fewer lost hours due to outages or errors.

Avoid the pitfalls of other companies, invest in the right system

Microsoft Exchange Server is probably the best known piece of groupware (also known as collaborative software), but many argue that it is not the best. It’s high cost of installation makes it prohibitively expensive for many businesses to install on-premises. Exchange’s cheaper software-as-a-service option is incompatible with companies who want to entirely own their mail solutions, server and all.
Fortunately, there are options out there that have a low enough buy-in to be valuable to small companies and flexible enough to grow with those same businesses through their lifecycle. Kerio Connect by Kerio Technologies is an example of an easy to administer groupware suite offering email, calendar and instant messaging on the one server. Businesses can choose to have the system installed on-premises or can access it through a robust and well-designed cloud-based option. Specifically targeted at small and medium enterprises, Kerio Connect is the chosen email system of TYPENT, and has seen great success with our clients. Contact us at to find out more!