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Three Things to Consider When Relocating Offices

Posted on: 17-05-2016

Your company’s finally moving up in the world and relocating to a bigger, newer, better located office. There’s a lot to celebrate and look forward to, but also a lot to do between now and your first business day there. Moving offices can be a daunting procedure for even the smallest business, and complexity only rises when the business is older or bigger.
There are more than a few things you as the business-owner or relocation manager need to take into consideration during evert step of the process. This article will raise some questions for the pre-move, moving day and the days and weeks after arrival that you should be prepared to answer.

Do I even need all this stuff?

Before you start getting quotes and casting around for a moving company, take a day to audit your current set-up and do a complete inventory of your IT infrastructure. The first question you should be asking yourself is what can you get rid of, or what needs replacing? Anything you can sell or dispose of before moving day and replace after arrival is one less piece of delicate equipment creating stress and taking up space in the truck.
Whether it’s some old employee terminals you can afford to replace or you’re looking to completely rebuild your server system, anything you can leave behind is money in the bank and a load off of your mind. Take it as the logical extension of the old idea that you’ve already moved the furniture so you might as well clean underneath it. If you’re going to go the trouble of relocating the system and installing it as if it were new, why not actually make it a new system?

You’ll need more than a few ‘FRAGILE’ stickers

Moving a company’s entire IT infrastructure takes more than a van and some cushioning. Getting relocation experts who know how to carefully dismantle, package, move, unpack and reassemble the systems your business depends on is crucial, and not every moving company can provide this service. In many cases you’ll be looking for specialist companies who can provide the guaranteed security you need for some of your business’ most important assets.
Getting a specialist ensures that your equipment stays safe from door-to-door, and is packed in the most efficient way possible – no tangled cables or missing parts, everything’s ready to go out of the box. Each business’ system is going to reflect that business’ needs and goals and will be unique, so ensure that you’re up and running at peak efficiency in the shortest amount of time with a professional IT relocation service.

It’s not just the journey but the destination too

Once you’ve arrived and begun unpacking, this is where having a specialist pays. Most movers will just dump the stuff and leave, but a professional service will be there afterwards to help connect everything. Even if you’ve still got the same system administrator as when you originally commissioned your infrastructure, you’ll still face difficulty piecing everything together in exactly the same way it was before. While IT relocation services may not work with your system every day, their speciality is breaking down and recreating systems, so they’ll potentially be better equipped than your staff at putting it all back together.
Ensure that whether you’re moving to the next building over or from another country that you’re working with the best. Speak to TYPENT today about our IT relocation services on and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.