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What is a Systems Integrator?

Posted on: 25-08-2015

The Basics

In simple language, a systems integrator (SI) is a company or person that integrates systems. Organisations tend to have many different subsystems in use at once (such as a point of sales system or an accounting system), which are all providing different data. System integrators push all of this data together into one database, or between multiple databases so that all of the data is the same. This can consist of working with software, hardware or networks. A system integrator does not generally create any original code.

Why is a systems integrator important?

Having a system that is integrated is important as all of the data created by company is stored together. This ensures that a company has proper documentation for future reference. When a system is unintegrated, often overlapping data occurs. This makes it more difficult to get an accurate view of company performance at short notice. Systems integration is also important as it saves costs on education and hiring of personnel. Having an outsourced systems integrator means that a company does not need to hire and continuously train staff in the constantly changing network systems. Systems integrators, such as Typent, have a broad knowledge of multiple systems such as LAN, WAN, WLAN and internet protocol telephony. Therefore, they would be better able to integrate systems in a way that is best for your company.

The methods

There are a few different integration methods that could be used such as:

Horizontal Integration – This is when a unique subsystem is created with the intention that it becomes the sole interface between all of the other subsystems in use. This method is known as Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Vertical Integration – The subsystems are integrated according to their functionality. The bottom begins with basic functions and continues upward.

Star Integration – Received its name because the subsystem is created to multiple subsystems, creating a diagram that looks like a cartoon star.

Common Data Format – This aids the system in avoiding having to adapt to and from all the application formats used. When this method is used, a common format, or a service that does the transformation is provided.

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