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When Do You Need To Virtualize Your Server?

Posted on: 14-09-2015

Physical servers have been the standard in workplace IT servers for years now, and many workplaces still use them. However, as technology becomes more online and virtual, it is important for your company to keep up with the times. This is a reason why technology constantly changes; it is to improve your efficiency and make your job easier.

So when is it time for your organization to consider going fully virtual? Though it may seem like a big decision, going virtual will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. There are many reasons why you should solely use virtual servers.

Save space in your office

With all this talk about the virtual world, there are still factors that affect the physical world to consider. With desks, building structures and other objects taking up space in the office, it leaves less room for more workstations for employees. Physical servers can take up entire rooms, and these are rooms that could be put to other use.

Reduces potential OH&S issues

Physical servers require a lot of power, and having too much electricity being used in one place at the same time can be a very serious safety hazard and can result in fire or other damage. Alternatively, a staff member could trip over an unsecure cable that is lying around and hurt themselves. These are OH&S issues that need to be addressed, and can be resolved by using virtual servers instead of physical ones.

IT issues can be solved virtually

Everyone is going online these days, so you would want to stay ahead of the pack and not fall behind. Virtual servers allow IT technicians to fix any IT issues a staff member is dealing with via a desktop or laptop that is mobile, rather than dealing with potentially dangerous wires.

Save electricity and money

A lot of a physical server’s power goes unused, which is needlessly wasting electricity and money. Virtual servers utilise the hard drive to its full capacity, but without wasting any power it does not need to use. In other words, it will save you a lot of money on your electricity bill!

Virtual servers will have your back

If the physical server breaks down, you have the virtual server available to collect and store your important data and documents. Think of this as comparing a hard drive to a USB. It is wise to back up everything you work on, because if the desktop or laptop stops functioning, then your work is ruined and everything comes to a halt. But if you have a USB, a mobile device that can be used anywhere, with your work, then everything is fine and your work can be accessed via another laptop. This is one of the many advantages of virtual servers.

If you are interested in creating an entirely virtual server, then Typent can help your organization get ready for the future.