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When Manual Back-ups Fail: Protecting your Server’s Data

Posted on: 01-03-2016

Whether or not you’re already experienced the crippling sense of helplessness that comes with discovering you don’t have that back-up you thought you had, it’s something to be aware of. System administrators and business owners will be relieved to know that with some preparation loss of data isn’t something to be feared. Even in worst case scenarios you have options.

Taking it out of your hands

The first thing to do is to automate your back-ups. If you’re regularly forgetting to manually back-up on your chosen day, you’re putting your business at risk. The best step you can take when it comes to protecting your data is to remove the human element as much as possible. This is especially important for smaller businesses with less complex or sophisticated networks as there’s a greater range of options for this end of the market. Larger enterprises and big corporations will generally need an expert or a team of experts to manage this, due to the greater chance of their networks being segregated or split up over a number of distant locations.

If you’re a small ecommerce company or an accounting firm with only a handful of employees, there are a wealth of low-cost options that can take the hassle off someone else. Having regular back-ups on the same day every week or the same time every day also helps you build a picture of your business. Images taken at consistent times is a bit like tracking a child’s growth with a notch on the wall every birthday. You’re quickly and easily able to see at a glance how the business and your infrastructure has grown, and where potential pinch points may be in the future.
Going to the cloud may seem like a big change just to avoid manual back-ups, but that’s just one of the benefits of taking your data infrastructure out of the premises. Making the day-to-day running and maintenance of your servers someone else’s duty can be a comfort for some business-owners.

If worse comes to worst

In the event that your server suffers a critical failure without a recent back-up, don’t worry! We know this can be a stressful time, but there is hope. Companies around Singapore can provide companies with expert recovery services for infrastructure both big and small. Often these companies work with the equipment manufacturer directly to better understand the requirements of your individual machine. While these services are not infallible and may only be able to recover a portion of the data lost, it’s far better than starting from scratch.
Often your IT services company will be able to provide you with recovery. Depending on the precise nature of the failure and your infrastructure, a remote recovery may be possible. This means less disruption to what is probably already a chaotic workplace.

Whatever path you go down, it’s important to ensure that you’ve taken precautions against the very real but very avoidable threat of data loss. Investing in quality off-site IT services from a reputable company such as Typent is a great way to ensure your business’ health into the future. To learn more about any of our services, please contact us today via email at or call us directly on +65 6655 4820.