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Why You Should Consider Cloud Storage

Posted on: 15-07-2015

Storing or backing up data to remote servers via the internet, known as cloud storage, is a growing trend for businesses and individuals all around the world. However, not everyone is aware of the benefits of switching to a cloud storage system or how it could transform the way a business runs.

Save on both time and money

Other storage options such as external hard drives can be expensive and take up valuable time to use. With the right plan, cloud storage can save a business a lot of money. Files can be uploaded instantly and automatically, saving you from wasting time regularly backing up all files on an external device.

Know your data is safe and secure

When your backup plan takes time, quite often it isn’t done as frequently as it should be and the longer it is left, the longer it will take. With the files automatically uploading to the cloud, you can rest easy knowing they are safe.

Security is often a concern for those new to cloud storage, but it is unnecessarily so. Authentication processes are mandatory every time anyone wishes to see the data, with an authorisation required to set each user up. This means no one can see your sensitive documents unless you want them to.

If anything were to happen to your offices, not only would the computers be at risk, but as would an external back up device, whether it’s an external hard drive or compact disks. With cloud storage, you can rest easy knowing your data is always protected from physical damage.

Gain access from anywhere

The data is stored to remote servers and can therefore be accessed anywhere and on any device with an internet connection. This will allow you to access files outside the office or easily share files between computers, laptops or other devices. These files can be shared between workers regardless of location. If you need a second opinion on your work, you can simply save the file to the cloud and ask someone else to open it.

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