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Why You Should Never Choose the Cheapest IT Outsourcing Company

Posted on: 25-11-2015

When setting up a business, you have so many things to consider and spend on that you may begin to wonder where you can cut corners. Unfortunately, many Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) owners decide to attempt to save money by choosing a low-cost IT outsourcing company.

In this day and age, choosing a second-rate IT company is like buying poor insurance or pinching pennies on protective gear. There are simply too many situations when you need comprehensive protection for you to cut costs.

In many cases a ‘cheap’ IT company has costed owners more than they saved! The old adage that an amateur is more expensive than a professional has never been truer. With It services, you most definitely get what you pay for. Look at the staff of a low-cost first level onsite and remote support company; you’ll largely find it made up of graduates or technicians with under two years industry experience.


Don’t hobble your business


Because of the era we live in, a business can’t afford to be behind the times on information security and digital infrastructure. An inexperienced team immediately handicaps you, slowing down repair and maintenance and ensuring a poorer standard of equipment for your employees.

Computer storage company SanDisk conducted a survey in 2013 finding that people lost an average of a working week every year waiting for slow computers. That’s nearly two per cent of your annual profit lost to poor quality equipment.

Investing in a high quality company may cost more upfront but could end up earning you money in the long-run. A faster network with employee terminals that are responsive and agile means better relations with customers, higher employee morale, and better communication and workflow between and within departments.


Pay for expert advice


The more money spent on an IT company, the more experienced your technicians will be. A university education is crucial to a successful career as an IT technician, but there are many lessons that teachers simply don’t have time to impart.

A lot of what makes a successful technician is gleamed from years of experience diagnosing and maintaining different machines and different networks. Modern technology is enormously complex and not all interactions between an infinite number of machines can be predicted with perfect accuracy.

You’ll know that the same machine may behave differently when placed on a different network. A graduate technician may have a perfectly satisfactory academic understanding of how the machine should function on a network, but may be completely mystified why it’s behaving differently on yours. An experienced IT professional may have seen similar or even this exact configuration before and will have a better idea of how to diagnose the problem.

Whatever your business, the market demands you keep pace with current trends in information technology. If you run a fishing company, a stockbrokers or a chain of grocery stores, you need robust, flexible infrastructure to allow your employees to communicate with their customers, each other and other businesses including suppliers. So invest in your business and invest in the future. We at Typent pride ourselves to be a qualified IT outsourcing company and you’ll find the suitable match at