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Why You Should Never Go For Ad-Hoc IT Services

Posted on: 16-02-2016

If you’re a small or medium enterprise (SME) who’s elected not to retain IT staff full time, you have a range of options to ensure that your business has expert help when it needs it. In Singapore there are a huge number of qualified IT support companies offering a variety of services to meet the needs of companies of all sizes and fields.
Many of these companies offer ad-hoc services, which are basically on-call IT support workers who are deployed when and where you need them. You only pay when they’re servicing you, otherwise you have few or no ongoing arrangements with them. This is in comparison to ongoing IT services which involves continuous communication with the company. This can include anything from regularly scheduled maintenance visits to nearly functioning as a wing of your company, proactively offering support and advice.

Penny-pinching yourself to death

If you’re just establishing yourself, the temptation may be to choose occasional, ad-hoc support over an ongoing contract to save money. This is a common mistake many first-time and even experienced business owners make and it can end up costing thousands in the long-term.
The old adage is that it’s often more expensive to hire an amateur than a professional. In the same way, it can be more expensive to go ad-hoc than ongoing! With an ad-hoc system, the onus is entirely on the business owner to elect when to call the company. It’s a purely reactive system. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your infrastructure or responding to a loss of service or system failure, you’re already responding to something. In short, your company has ceded the initiative to save money.
Even if you’re just looking to reduce inefficiencies, it’s likely that your productivity has already been severely affected. Without a dedicated pair of eyes looking for these things, issues that could have been resolved faster and cheaper have now festered to the point where they’re a drain on your business.
With all due respect to the business-owners of Singapore, you already have enough on your plate without personally looking for weaknesses in your IT infrastructure. The common story goes that without professional expertise, only the most intrusive and the most damaging IT problems are noticed.

Making the right decision

These problems are all avoided with ongoing support. Contracting one company for a long period of time means they are better equipped to proactively find and eliminate small problems cheaply before they become expensive catastrophes later. This comes from getting to know your business’ unique circumstances and infrastructure, as ad-hoc support will always involve some degree of workers getting to grips with your systems.
Ongoing support is an asset even when voluntarily upgrading, as your company will have access to technicians who understand your goals and requirements. You’ll be better guided and may even avoid over-spending as your technicians will be able to tell you with total certainty what your business does and does not need.
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