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The Benefits of Managed Office 365 Services

Maximising the latest Office 365 features and updates can seem like a full-time job for your IT team.

By leaving the heavy lifting to our managed Office 365 services, you can significantly reduce inefficiencies in your team’s workload – without sacrificing the best parts of the platform.

Our experts will manage everything from your Office 365 email hosting to the vast number of built-in features. Turn monotonous maintenance routines and updates over to us, so you can focus on more important business tasks – instead of resetting passwords, managing mailboxes, or answering end-user support requests.

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Unlock Hidden Efficiencies with Office 365

Are you using Office 365 to maximize your teams’ performance?

We’ll  equip your people with access to all of the Office applications, from basics like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint to more complex apps like Yammer, SharePoint, and Teams. Our experts will walk everyone through the setup, configuration, and provide ongoing support.

With TYPENT managing Office 365, your business processes will remain:

  • Updated with the latest versions and tools.
  • Centralized amongst users and properly licensed.
  • Integrated with your favorite applications for better collaboration.
  • Compliant with data privacy regulations.

We’ll help you take full advantage of Office 365 while minimizing the amount of time spent navigating the application and its many features.

Benefits of Managed Office 365 Services

Our dedicated team of admins provides complete end-to-end support for all your Office 365 needs from adding or removing users, resetting passwords, creating groups, updating spam filters, permissions governance, and more.  

Office 365 is a robust platform with more than 1,000 security and privacy controls. Our security experts configure your Office 365 environment using strict information governance standards and access controls to secure your data against internal and external threats.  

We’ll help your team leverage Office 365’s powerhouse collaboration tools to get more done. From task automation to implementing collaboration, chat, meeting, and communication strategies for more effective collaboration that results in faster delivery and greater client satisfaction.

We’ve helped customers just like you save thousands with continuous license optimization. Not every user requires every app available and the kitchen sink. We analyze user roles and use cases to determine the ideal license mix so you can invest more dollars into growing your business, not on licensing.

Our HIPAA, PCI, and other compliance offerings bring your Office 365 environment into compliance fast! We then take it a step further to customize Office 365 with in-depth compliance and activity reporting, plus customized data loss prevention policies to prevent careless sharing of protected information. 

Today’s digital workforce requires round-the-clock access to the apps that move your business forward, whether they’re working between flights, a laptop at home, or using their phone to collaborate on the go – we guarantee your team will always be a few clicks or taps away from the information they need. 

New Features Ensure Compliance and Security

Legal regulations and privacy requirements are always changing.

Office 365 streamlines security by enabling Enterprise 3 (E3) users to send encrypted messages inside and outside your business. With “Do Not Forward” and custom rights management templates for business-to-business and business-to-consumer scenarios, sensitive conversations remain confidential.

Everyone makes mistakes, but with Office 365’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features, you can rest easy knowing sensitive information like social security numbers, credit card info, patient or client data, and intellectual property will be quarantined before it leaves your network.

With Managed Office 365 services from IT Support Guys, you can be confident knowing your data is secure and spam is terminated before it reaches your inbox. Whether your employees drive to the office or telecommute from home, we’ll enable secure access to all of your company resources – while staying vigilant against digital threats.

How We Boost Your Productivity

The modern digital workforce requires tightly integrated applications that break down communication barriers, improve collaboration, and automate routine tasks – like approvals or status updates. Lucky for you, Office 365 is a collaboration powerhouse.

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