Introducing Basic Support - Your Gateway to Hassle-Free IT!

Is your business searching for cost-effective yet reliable IT support? Look no further! Our Basic Support package is crafted just for you.

The Growing Demand for IT Support in Singapore

Key Features:

10 Support Tokens/Year

Ensure prompt assistance whenever you need it.

Standard Response Time

Quick solutions during business hours.

Knowledge Base Access

Empower your team with valuable resources.

Proactive Monitoring

We keep an eye on your IT health to prevent issues.

Email | Remote Support

Swift problem resolution right at your fingertips.

Staying Ahead with IT Outsourcing for SMEs

Ideal for:

Small to medium-sized businesses aiming for essential IT support without breaking the bank.

Why Choose Basic Support?

It's your entry point to a worry-free IT environment, ensuring your business stays productive without the hefty price tag. Ready to experience seamless IT support? Embrace the power of Basic Support today!