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What’s wrong with Traditional Antivirus?

Traditional antivirus products are based on signature recognition performed on endpoints. That is a failing strategy because:

  • The number of recognized threats has grown so huge that it is impractical to keep endpoint systems updated with signatures, and it’s impossible for endpoints to compare files against all known signatures.
  • Hackers and cybercriminals are using botnets and other techniques to propagate zero-day threats before signatures can be distributed to endpoints.
  • Often no signatures at all exist for targeted threats aimed at single individuals or organizations.

How Webroot Puts the Pieces Together

Webroot SecureAnywhere Business – Endpoint Protection uses an agent of less than 700KB on endpoint systems, which can be installed in under six seconds.


Webroot Secure Anywhere – Our Choice of Antivirus Solutions For Our Clients in Singapore

Most antivirus products in the market today rely on the standard detection technique of signature recognition on endpoint systems. However, this is becoming an outdated and increasingly obsolete method for several reasons.

  • In recent times, the number of known malware has exploded, making it impractical to update all endpoint systems with the latest database of malware signatures.
  • Zero-day threats ensures that hackers and other cyber-criminals stay one step, as they can compromise endpoints long before the signatures for their malicious code can be distributed.
  • Last, but not least, targeted threats that are aimed at a single individual or an organisation (e.g. Stuxnet) can go unnoticed by most antivirus software, as no signatures may exist at all for these.


Webroot SecureAnywhere tackles these issues by making use of a cloud service to identify known threats, instead of maintaining a local database of malware signatures. It comes in a streamlined client which takes up less than 700KB, allowing it to be installed on endpoint systems within six seconds. This makes it one of the best antivirus solutions in the market for businesses in Singapore today.


VMware vShield Endpoint – Complementing Cloud-Based Antivirus Solutions

To complement the small footprint and cloud-based protection of Webroot SecureAnywhere, TYPENT uses vShield Endpoint from VMware, to fulfill every enterprise’s need for antivirus solutions in a virtualised business environment, while avoiding the inherent pitfalls such as “antivirus storms”. By offloading all antivirus functions to a separate Security Virtual Machine (SVM), vShield Endpoint is the perfect antivirus backup for Webroot SecureAnywhere, and TYPENT can help you with the implementation of both products to fully secure your network. Give us a call, or drop us an email to make an appointment with us today.


TYPENT has decades of experiences in helping SMEs in Singapore to secure their network. Call or email us for an appointment today.