Typent have provided us with critical onsite support and technical advice in our hardware and software requirements since we established our branch office in Singapore. They have looked after our growing needs for ongoing IT support and maintenance with their expertise and responsive service. We are pleased to have them as our IT service provider.”

IT Outsourcing

Proactive, professional helpdesk support is vital to business of all sizes. We provide one-stop IT helpdesk support services to help clients troubleshoot and prevent harmful downtime, as well as assist our clients in administrating their backend servers to ensure they run smoothly.

We’ll provide you with access to an experienced team of IT professionals who have the experience and the qualifications to ensure that your infrastructure is supporting your business, not hindering it. With our expertise in IT service management processes, our clients can truly focus on their business activities without having to worry about the IT infrastructure.

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Find out more about IT Outsourcing and Managed Services with our frequently asked questions.

We started business in 2004.

This depends on the project and how detailed your briefs are. Once the brief is finalised and you have five the OK on our proposal, we can get started immediately.

There is a contract to guarantee both your company and us of the work that will be delivered and the time scales to be adhered to. We will either quote you for a set amount of time which is agreed on before the contract is signed, or if the service is on-going you can terminate the project by giving us a 15 days’ notice at any time.

We treat all client data as confidential. We carry out background checks on our employees, each of whom signs a “term of employment” document in which they pledge to maintain confidentiality in respect to client data. We restrict access to our premises and computer systems and to data backup media. We shred all waste paper.

IT Outsourcing and Managed Services can dramatically reduce your costs as you don’t have to pay for recruitment, training, technology, employee’s computer or office costs for additional headcount. In additional you only pay for what you use. There IT Outsourcing and Managed Services can reduce your business costs by about 40% – 65%.

You will not lose quality control if your outsourcing partner is an expert when it comes to recruiting, hiring and training the outsourcing staff. With proper management and quality control processes in place, your partner will also ensure there is a balanced approach to KPI achievement without compromising customer satisfaction.

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