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New Building & Office Relocation Services For Singapore


High rents in Singapore are driving SMEs, start-ups to take respite in areas with lower rental overheads. It may just be the iconic and unassuming shophouse or city fringe areas such as Tuas, we are here to help you relocate with ease.

Moving office is a large undertaking for any business, regardless of size and resources. It is vital to remain connected to your customers and suppliers at all times throughout your transition.

Relocation Services to New Offices

Relocating the offices of a company, even for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), can be a major undertaking especially in Singapore. In addition, your company needs to continue doing business, remain connected with its suppliers, serving your customers’ needs even during the transition period. As such, it is of utmost importance to take your enterprise’s IT infrastructure into account during the move, as the transfer of digital assets and data from one physical location to another can be fraught with peril. One wrong move, and it could mean the loss of expensive hardware and critical data necessary for the continued operations of your business.

We are equipped to assist our clients in making the necessary plans and contingencies for relocating their companies’ IT and telecoms assets from one location to another within the city, as well as to carry them out without a hitch. Give your business the support it needs with our relocation and helpdesk services to ensure smooth operation every hour of every day.

At TYPENT, we assist our clients in planning and executing the IT and telecoms requirements for an office move. When the needs of your business change, we are on hand to offer support, advice and beginning-to-end management of all the technology aspects associated with relocation and setting up new offices.

Our server migration and office relocation services will be invaluable in ensuring that your enterprise’s IT infrastructure will be installed in its new premises with a minimum of inconvenience, retaining continuous business operations from start to end in Singapore. Call us, or drop us an email to make an appointment with us today.