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Remote IT Helpdesk Support for Singapore SMEs


Proactive, professional helpdesk support is vital to business of all sizes. We provide one-stop IT helpdesk support services to help clients troubleshoot and prevent harmful downtime, as well as assist our clients in administrating their backend servers to ensure they run smoothly.

We’ll provide you with access to an experienced team of IT professionals who have the experience and the qualifications to ensure that your infrastructure is supporting your business, not hindering it. With our expertise in IT service management processes, our clients can truly focus on their business activities without having to worry about the IT infrastructure.

IT Helpdesk Support Service from TYPENT

With more than a decade’s track record of providing IT services to Singapore-based companies, TYPENT is better equipped than most in the country to help you troubleshoot any technical issues with your company’s IT infrastructure. Our one-stop IT helpdesk support will ensure smooth operation of your backend servers, and we can also provide migration of data from existing hardware. You can set your mind at ease and focus on what is truly important to you; managing the business activities of your enterprise.

Our helpdesk solutions are especially recommended for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in Singapore. By outsourcing your troubleshooting needs to us, you can reduce expenses that would otherwise have to be spent on maintaining an in-house IT department, including training, provision of office spaces, and equipment etc. We promise that our third-party IT helpdesk will handle all of the issues with your company’s hardware and software promptly and effectively, and keep all of your IT-related downtime to a bare minimum. Give us a call, or drop us an email to make an appointment with us today.

TYPENT had more than a decade of IT experiences and expertise in providing IT Helpdesk Support SMEs across the city. Call or email us for an appointment today.