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Ransomware Prevention and Protection

Increasingly sophisticated ransomware and other malware pose a threat to home and business users alike. Synology products come with prevention and recovery solutions that can help protect or restore your data and hardware.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is malicious software (malware) that encrypts and makes data inaccessible to the victim. The malware then threatens that the attacker will delete, sell or leak victim data if ransom is not paid. Types of ransomware include crypto malware, lockers, scareware, and doxware.

How to prevent ransomware attacks

Preventative actions are essential to protect against falling victim to ransomware. Use these Synology solutions in addition to your antivirus software of choice.

Prevent access

Reduce the spread of ransomware by setting file, application, and access permissions, and configure secure login credentials using Secure SignIn and C2 Password.

Protect devices

Outdated systems are at greater risk. Update all your NAS at once with Synology CMS, and safeguard other devices using group policies in Synology Directory Server and C2 Identity.

Avoid suspicious files

Spam and phishing emails containing suspicious files are common methods of spreading ransomware.Synology MailPlus provides strong anti-malware protection and spam prevention.

Check for vulnerabilities

Use Synology Security Advisor to routinely scan for malware, system vulnerabilities, and abnormal login activities. Implement recommended changes to improve your NAS security.

How to recover from a ransomware attack

If a ransomware attack is successful, having backups of your data can reduce the damage caused. Your Synology NAS comes with robust backup features to help you continue operations with minimal disruption. Before restoring backups, it is important to make sure your device has been cleaned.


Back up to your NAS

Your Synology NAS is a perfect backup location for all your digital assets.

Safeguard important files

Avoid getting locked out of your files and folders using real-time versioning or scheduled backups. Your NAS can retain up to 32 previous versions of files from any computer, keeping them safe from folder encryption. Learn more

Protect entire systems

Prevent hackers from holding your deployments for ransom by backing them up to your NAS. Synology devices can easily back up data from physical computers, virtual environments, or SaaS applications. Learn more

Synchronize cloud-based data

Keep an updated copy of your public cloud-hosted files on a Synology NAS. DiskStation can encrypt your NAS copies to keep them safe if your public cloud service becomes compromised or inaccessible. 

Synology NAS is part of a larger cyber security approach

Reduce your risk, protect your data

Having an effective data protection plan can mitigate the risk of being locked out of critical data. Synology has a complete collection of data protection solutions to secure home and work environments from data loss.

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