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The importance of professional Windows server migration services

Any reputable IT department – insourced or outsourced – will recommend period upgrades to a business’ infrastructure to ensure that it is functioning at peak efficiency and productivity, and is adequately protected against threats.

However, sometimes the imperative for upgrading comes from outside, notably in the form of obsolescence. An example: As Microsoft continues to update and enhance the current version of its operating system (OS) – Windows 10 – it phases out support for previous version of both its desktop and server predecessors. Similar to how the support lifecycle for Windows XP was ended in April of 2014, so too did Microsoft terminate support for Windows Server 2003 – one of the most popular server OSes – in July of 2015.

Removing support means that Windows Server 2003 is no longer receiving patches to resolve critical issues from Microsoft, meaning security vulnerabilities discovered or developed after July, 2015 will not be addressed. It may have compatibility issues with new hardware, and could face compliance conflicts, any of which could affect the continued business operations of the organisation. It is imperative for all enterprises running Windows Server 2003 to migrate their existing data to a newer installation of windows as soon as possible.

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Whether you’re looking for server virtualization services or simply require help getting your business onto the cloud, TYPENT is the company to call. With years of experience supporting enterprise across Singapore, we can help your business become more agile and responsive.

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