3 Benefits Of IT Outsourcing For Small Businesses

In an increasingly digitalised and technologically advanced world, more businesses are seeking external services to provide them with the IT support they need for their organisation.

This is especially the case if your organisation is an SME – it hardly makes any sense to hire an entire permanent IT department or personnel. What matters most to the majority of SMEs is that their technological difficulties are resolved quickly and professionally to ensure that the business is able to run smoothly. This is where IT outsourcing comes in. In this article, we explore 3 benefits of IT outsourcing for SMEs in Singapore.

What is IT outsourcing?

Before we discuss how IT outsourcing can benefit small businesses, it is crucial first to understand what exactly it encompasses.

Essentially, IT outsourcing refers to businesses utilising third-party external service providers to supply and manage their internal IT-enabled business processes and technical duties.

Some of the most common IT services that businesses outsource include:

  • Infrastructure
  • Application management or support
  • Software development
  • Web design and development
  • Data management and storage
  • Cybersecurity services
  • Technical support and help desks

Advantages of IT outsourcing for SMEs

So, why should SMEs outsource IT services? As mentioned earlier, with technology continuing to grow more complex, IT services are evolving as well. Thus, many businesses require professionals with the expertise and knowledge to help manage their core business processes. However, hiring a full-time IT professional or department can be costly, especially for SMEs that typically only have a small team of employees. Therefore, an increasing number of businesses are turning to external sources to provide professional IT support with reduced labour costs.

Here are 3 of the many benefits that your SME could gain if you engage IT outsourcing services.

1. Access to greater knowledge and expertise

IT outsourcing provides access to highly-specialised support and industry expertise without exorbitant costs. Leading IT outsourcing companies have the ability to help your SME develop, grow and reach its full potential. Being experts in their field, they are likely equipped with unrivalled experience from working with various businesses over the years. What’s more, they have extensive knowledge of the best practices in the industry to help you troubleshoot any issues with your company’s IT infrastructure.

2. Increased productivity

It is common for SMEs to struggle to cope when a few team members are out of the office. The last thing you would want is to scramble around or panic trying to figure out how to resolve any problems. Moreover, growing SMEs often struggle with the constant demand from internal IT related issues. Without the right processes in place or the adequate knowledge to resolve these issues, frustrations can develop and result in other problems that may hinder the growth of the business.

Outsourcing your company’s IT eliminates any potential anxieties or stress that you might have when a serious IT issue arises. You and your team can focus on your tasks at hand and leave the IT aspect of your business to a reliable IT outsourcing company. Whenever an issue arises, they would be able to troubleshoot and manage them quickly and effectively. This allows you to save time, increase overall productivity as well as give you peace of mind knowing that your network and systems are in the best possible hands.

3. Improved network security

One of the most important aspects of IT outsourcing services is online data security. With cyber warfare going up a notch, there are more phishing and hacking assaults targeting both individuals and corporations, especially SMEs. Thus, the need for cyber security has never been more critical.

IT outsourcing provides your business with the proper IT security and protection from potential risks such as hacks or harmful malware. The impact of a cyber-attack goes beyond having your data exposed to hackers – a security breach in your business can damage your company’s reputation as customers lose faith in your services. This could even lead to your business having to shut down completely. A reliable firewall security solution is imperative to ensure that everything is kept secure and protected.


The benefits of IT outsourcing for SMEs are aplenty. If you are planning to outsource your IT needs, finding a reliable and reputable outsourcing partner is crucial. Here at TYPENT, we have been providing IT outsource services in Singapore for over a decade. We are equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise to help your SME troubleshoot any technical issues, keeping your IT-related downtime to a minimum.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and we would be happy to answer any queries.

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