Top 4 Reasons Why Your Business Requires Firewalls

In any cyber security plan, firewalls are a must-have component that cannot be ignored. Especially in this age of digital transformation and technological advancements, protecting your business’s network and data is more important now than ever.

If you are unconvinced, here are 4 top reasons why you need reliable firewalls for your business.

What is a firewall?

Before we explore the reasons why they are so essential, it is crucial first to understand what a firewall is. Designed to protect computers against external threats, a firewall is a network security device that acts as a network’s first line of defence. Essentially, they inspect and monitor every piece of data that passes in and out of your company’s network, ensuring that nothing malicious infiltrates.

Why does your business need a firewall?

1. Block access to unapproved sites

A firewall can block certain sites from being accessed by your users. This is especially useful for companies that adopt a work-from-home model for their employees. By blocking access to unapproved sites, you have better control over your network as you would be able to minimise exposure to sites that may result in malicious software making its way into your company’s systems.

2. Offers protection against hackers

As mentioned above, firewalls act as your first line of defence against external threats. Simply put, they are likened to that of a barrier between your internal business network and the rest of the Internet.

Hackers most frequently use social engineering tactics to infiltrate company systems and data. They may use a number of ploys to deceive gullible employees into providing them with sensitive information and data. Firewalls will be able to alert you whenever there is an attempted attack on your network by hackers, and can also assist in blocking these attacks.

3. Secures your databases

Every website and mobile application needs a back-end database system to function. Otherwise, there would not be anything for the front-end interface to interact with or show!

How then can you maintain the safety and security of back-end databases? One of the most crucial things to utilise is a firewall.

Only internal IP addresses from authorised application servers should be able to connect to the ports on the database server, which is why you should setup your firewall accordingly. All other connections need to be completely disabled. With a firewall, even if a database password is lost or stolen, your company’s data will be protected because others would not be able to access the back-end server to utilise it.

4. Helps verify remote connections

A virtual private network (VPN) secures communications between two parties by using encryption technologies. VPN services may be offered by a firewall. For instance, you may set up your firewall to allow access to your network from only a select group of devices.

You can set up a dedicated endpoint server for managing distant connections with a VPN in your business’s office or on your cloud platform. An encrypted session will then begin between the user’s device and the VPN endpoint server after they have connected to a personal VPN client.

In other words, by stopping any external dangers and hackers from decoding the data being transferred via your network, a VPN solution works like a secure tunnel. As a result, your employees may operate without risk from anywhere in the country, because your data will be kept private.


In today’s digital era, cybercrimes are evolving to become much more sophisticated. If you want to keep your company’s network and sensitive data protected, as well as to prevent any financial or reputational losses, we recommend paying close attention to your business’s cyber security measures. The best place to start is with a reliable firewall. To understand which would be best for your business, check out the various types of firewalls.

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